Must See… Mixed Drinks With Whiskey

Whiskey mixed drinks are more versatile than whiskey drunk pure. There are many recipes for preparing mixed drinks with whiskey. You can find them in catalogs, magazines, or throughout the internet. Whiskey has practically infinite mixing possibilities, and it can blend well with many different ingredients and drinks. Cocktails, refreshments, tonics, shots, coffees or even teas, can contain the whiskey ingredient in different concentrations, according to the drink and recipe.

About Whiskey

In its pure form, whiskey is a concentrated spirit drink made out of grains, with a burn-browned color, and a high percentage of alcohol. Its strong, stingy, burning taste and its concentration are diluted, smoothed, and sophisticated through the mixing with other drinks.


Whiskey Cocktails – Iconic Drinks That Inspire

Many whiskey drinks have tradition, age, legends, stories, and names that inspired and built them a reputation, making them iconic. There are many recipes you can prepare at home by yourself, even the famous ones. Without necessarily needing much experience you can make a great cocktail if you stick to instructions and the recipe. You can do it fast and easy, without too much effort.

Barrel Aged Cocktails can now be made at home with your miniature whiskey barrels.

Homemade Whiskey Drinks Instructions

You need the whiskey, a knife to cut the fruits and the rest of the ingredients. Research your recipe, check the ingredients list and follow the instructions. The picture of the cocktail recipe found online should give you an impression of what the drink should be like. The whiskey’s essence and character will blend and change according to the ingredients and the recipe. The further you drift from the original recipes, by changing the whiskey’s brand and type, or any other ingredients, the more altered the taste will become. Make sure everything has superior quality and the fruits used for preparing are fresh and healthy.

Examples Of Whiskey-Based Drinks

Here are several possibilities for mixed drinks with whiskey using some of the recipes found online:

  • Rosemary Peach Maple Leaf Cocktail. You will mix muddled rosemary with peach and whiskey and lemon juice with maple simple syrup.
  • Whiskey Cocktail with Coke and Peanuts. Prepared with Jack Daniels, sugar, peanuts, orange flower water plus brandy or vodka
  • Blood Orange and Bourbon.  Bourbon with blood orange juice and angostura bitters plus sparkling water, orange slices and mint.
  • The Brown Derby. Bourbon with grapefruit juice and honey.
  • Bourbon Sweet Tea. Black tea with lemon and lime, orange and bourbon.
  • Sweet Whiskey Lemonade. Use cointreau with whiskey, lemon and lime juice, sugar plus apricot preserves and tonic.
  • Seven and Seven. The “7 Whiskey” from Seagram and 7up soda.
  • Fruity Old Fashioned. Sugar cubes and bitters with lemon, lime, and orange wheel, maraschino cherry plus grenadine, rye whiskey, club soda and ginger ale.


These are just a few examples of the whiskey mixtures possible. As you can see whiskey is quite versatile and blends well with many types of drinks. It can be used as a base ingredient for cocktails, coffees, teas, and even lemonades. Therefore you can serve mixed drinks with whiskey in many circumstances: home, at friends, in public places, early in the day, after work or late night as a tonic, refresher, or catalyzer for energy.


Vitamin C: Why To Much Is Not Enough

This vitamin is often overlooked due to it’s abundance in the foods we eat. From apples, oranges, broccoli, tomatoes, kiwi and lime there are so many daily sources of natural abundant vitamin C it’s easy to overlook the reasons for taking any supplement.

The Fuel That Drives You


The body does not produce vitamin C, yet it is essential for maintaining the connective tissues that make up our structure. Our muscles, tendons, ligament, skin, blood vessels and fibrous tissues are all reliant on this giant. It is powerful antioxidant which helps your body fight the effect of pollutants and it must be replenished from an outside source.

Without Vitamin C The Brain Will Fail

Vitamin C is involved in maintaining every part of the human system. It is so important that the body has an order of use based on demand. Your brain, heart and lungs have first priority for vitamin C and to insure these organs get enough they will deplete the stores in the rest of the body. Without this powerful antioxidant in your brain the flood of free radicals would destroy it’s ability to function in a very short time. It is essential for synthesis of neurotransmitters, nor epinephrine and serotonin.

Take your brain to the next level with Nootropics.

How Much Vitamin C Is enough?

Vitamin C is used up whenever you are subjected to stresses, internal and external. It is quickly exhausted when recovering from wounds, effects of smog, bone fracture, illness, recovery from unusual physical demands and any other trauma that we experience. If you are a smoker, each cigarette will use as much as 25 milligrams. Alcohol, aspirin, antidepressants, birth control pills and steroids also negatively effect the supply. The recommended daily dosage is 60 to 100 mgs daily. The highest concentration of vitamin C is in the adrenal gland, although the liver stores the largest amount. Remember that your body does not produce vitamin C and once that store is depleted, it’s gone. While 60 to 100 mgs is “sufficient”, considering the critical role it plays in our human design, taking vitamin C through the day makes good sense. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and any surplus is excreted. Most people tolerate levels up to 2000 mg. More than that can cause stomach upset and diarrhea in some people, although there are people who take substantially more without problems.


The Unknowns

Reasonable doses of vitamin c have no known side effects. The benefits? That’s an ongoing study that involves everything from the common cold to cancer. Research has not provided substantial support for suggesting that it should be used for the treatment of any disease, but as Ben Franklin noted so many years ago: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” The value of antioxidants in maintaining overall good health can not be overstated and vitamin C is the work horse who keeps the human machine supplied. For a complete study visit THE LINUS PAULING INSTITUTE. Vitamin C is simply a fascinating subject to the professional and lay person alike.


Vaping : Useful Information

Because the air heat determines whether you vape or smoke with the Vape-or-Smoke, learning to control the heat is important. The flame should be adjusted before your first use so that it is at the proper height for your altitude and general location. Later we will discuss how to dial it in for your personal preferences.

To quote the manual:

A high performance butane jet lighter flame is directed at holes in front of a specially designed bowl.To adjust the lighter, use a small flathead screwdriver. Turn clockwise to reduce flame, counterclockwise to increase flame. Caution: The safety in jet lighters can be delicate, adjust in small increments and test. For best performance we strongly recommend using the following premium butane: Vector®, Colibri®, or Dunhill®Image showing medium, low and high with descriptions for each in text. We also recommend premium juice from The High Class Vape Company.


I recommend an initial low setting for vaporizing and a high setting for smoking. If you want to do both, start with a medium setting. In the next section, you will learn how breathing effects the temperature and then you can dial in the flame to fit you.

As you increase the rate of inhalation, the temperature of the heated air increases (to a point).

There are 2 basic ways to control the temperature. The most straightforward is by adjusting the flame using the adjuster at the bottom of the unit. The second way is by adjusting how quickly you inhale. When you inhale slowly, more heat goes into the metal of the bowl and less enters the bowl as hot air. As you increase the rate of inhalation, more of the heat enters as hot air and less is sunk into the metal. The kicker is that if you inhale very quickly, the amount of cold air causes a drop in air temperature (and bowl temperature).

This means is that you can go from smoke to vape without adjusting the flame. It also means that you can dial in the flame to fit you and to optimize vapeing, smoking or a happy medium.

Before going into too much detail, you should read about how it works and dialing in the flame.

Vaporization is all about turning the active substances (e.g. nicotine) and volatile flavors into vapor without burning. By breathing slowly with a low or medium-low flame, vaporization is easy. The bowl is specially designed so that the holes act as a flame arrester and heat regulator. This allows the hot air to enter the unit and evenly extract desired compounds without worrying about the flame igniting anything.

To vaporize, roll the screen and insert it into the unit. Then inhale slowly before activating the flame.

  • Make sure that the lighter is filled with approved butane.
  • Insert the rectangular screen and the round screen.
  • Loosely fill the bowl with your favorite tobacco.
  • Begin slowly inhaling through the mouthpiece
  • Open the mouthpiece fully to activate the lighter
  • Continue slowly inhaling for a few seconds.
  • Allow the mouthpiece to close fully.
Man smoking E-cigarette
Man smoking E-cigarette

If you are taking a big draw, you can place the unit in Position 2 after the initial inhale to keep the bowl from reaching combustion.

It can be difficult to detect vapor as you are inhaling. Usually I notice it as I breath out. With tobacco you may experience a nicotine rush or a tingly tongue as you exhale. If you don’t think that you are vaporizing, try increasing the heat by adjusting your breathing or turning up the flame.
If you follow these instructions and end up smoking instead of vaporizing , then you need less air or heat. Most users will be able to achieve vapor without smoke by drawing air in more slowly and/or turning down the flame.

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